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A premium design and footwear sourcing company partnering with brands to craft unique, consumer-focused footwear.  A team of collaborators and design curators is ready to turn the imagined into reality.

Plainview has served brands such as Skechers, Wolverine, and Seychelles, as well as licensed partnerships with Lotto; and worked with retailers such as Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, and Academy.


From 4+ million programs to 1200 pair tests, the Plainview team is prepared, ready, and capable to work with your brand.




A fresh spin on classic toys, Kess is a third generation toy and game company focused on reinventing fun. Kess is a market leader in the outdoor play category, with award winning items like the Drop Dots Ball and the number 1 selling hoop in the world, the Ice Hoop.


Kess’s other divisions offer a variety of outdoor and garden play, role play, collectables (as in Drop Dots Love Ems), and a broad games line that includes board game play (Battle Bosses), as well as party games (Super Party Battle).


Kess is updating play patterns for kids and adults of all ages.  


metallic dice games

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FanRoll, formally Metallic Dice Games, is your source for the highest-quality dice sets! Established in 2014, FanRoll originally carried metal dice sets and have since expanded to include gemstone, acrylic, and glow-in-the-dark dice! FanRoll love's gaming and love's having the opportunity to enhance your gaming experience with premium dice.

FanRoll manufactures high-quality, unique RPG dice that are limited in the current market. FanRoll started with metal dice, but are rapidly expanding their offerings to many other dice colors, materials, and products not currently available in the market.

fanroll dice.jpg
Play Mechanix

arcade Game Development 

In 2006, Raw Thrills, founded in 2001 to develop the finest arcade video game entertainment by veteran game designer Eugene Jarvis, added the renowned game development studio Play Mechanix, Inc., forming a new world leader in arcade video games. Founded in 1995 by former Midway designer George Petro, the famed Play Mechanix design team created the Big Buck Hunter™ series.

Notable Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix releases over the years include The Fast and the Furious Drift, Superbikes 2™, Guitar Hero Arcade™, Batman™, Terminator Salvation™, Aliens Armageddon™, Big Buck Hunter Pro™, Big Buck Safari™, Jurassic Park Arcade™, The Walking Dead™, Moto GP™, Space Invaders Frenzy™, Cruis’n Blast™, Injustice Arcade™, Big Buck HD Wild™, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™, and Halo: Fireteam Raven™.

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