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Distribution & publishing


Chinese game development & distribution


With business and technical teams in Los Angeles and Shanghai, Playlife Co. China (PLCC) provides business development, technical resources, publishing, and distribution support for games throughout the Chinese market.

With cultural and language skills on both sides, we work with Chinese regulators to resolve any cultural concerns, and manage the acquisition of a Publishing Number, or ISBN, required for all games distributed in China. 

PLCC delivers game development and monetization optimization through research access, to maximize Chinese game operations and monetization goals. 

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Terra Virtua

digital collectibles & nft's

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At Virtua, we’re turbo-charging fandom. We are the world's first fully immersive social digital collectibles platform, where fans can purchase, trade, share, exhibit, and interact with their digital goods.

We work with some of the biggest names in the business and currently have Hollywood movie studio partnerships in place with Legendary Entertainment and Paramount Pictures. To date, Virtua has released NFTs of Top Gun, The Godfather, Lost in Space, Pacific Rim and the recently launched Godzilla vs. Kong movie.

Virtua has built a virtual reality art gallery and holds live-streamed art exhibitions with some of the biggest digital art collectors. We’re taking Virtua to mass audiences and want to be synonymous with NFTs (non-fungible tokens) - democratizing them in the process - and doing so in a sustainable manner that leaves a minimal carbon footprint. 


play & earn gaming platform


Moxy introduces “Play & Earn” to mainstream style video games. Play & Earn allows you to participate on the level you’ve got the guts for.

Challenge other players or squads to play for huge rewards!  Stream some badass content with $MOXY on the line or continue to stream yourself squealing like a prepubescent over new skins and lame level ups… time to get some Moxy!

Moxy is THE place for “Play & Earn” games! Only on Moxy will you find popular titles with our exclusive Play and Earn mechanics built in. Why just play when you can Play & Earn!?

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