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premier racing COnsole, pc & mobile development


Crafting videogames since 1996, Milestone is an all-Italian team of professionals dealing in great collaborations with the most prestigious licenses and publishers in the world of two wheels.

The state-of-the-art motion capture techniques, the Neural AI, and dedicated servers are just some of the ingredients that give players the emotions of real champions.


Imaginative Game Development 

Artifex Mundi means “The Artist of the World” and we do our best every day to live up to that name.

We’re one of the world’s biggest game developers and publishers, porting them to many different platforms and our customers worldwide get to play games that are designed with skill and imagination.

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vr & ar digital collectibles


The world's first immersive digital collectible platform.

Amazing digital merch from some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry as well as limited edition collectibles.

Share, Showcase, Trade and more in the world of Terra Virtua!


positive daily mobile messages

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Born from a simple exchange of positive text messages, Goodthoughts is an app that delivers messages to help people shift their thinking to be more positive, kind and self-aware.


Simple short messages that can reset a mood and then affect the rest of the day. Users can scroll through the library of artful messages to find the thought that speaks to their need, send messages to friends and spread the good vibes on social media.


branded avatar development for mobile

Holotech Studios aims to contribute to the field of animation and performance capture research, while creating something truly unique and memorable on both desktops and mobiles. Its maiden product is FaceRig.


Chinese game development & distribution


With business and technical teams in Los Angeles and Shanghai, Playlife Co. China (PLCC) provides business development, technical resources, publishing, and distribution support for games throughout the Chinese market.

With cultural and language skills on both sides, we work with Chinese regulators to resolve any cultural concerns, and manage the acquisition of a Publishing Number, or ISBN, required for all games distributed in China. 

PLCC delivers game development and monetization optimization through research access, to maximize Chinese game operations and monetization goals. 

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